Kona’s Heart Worm Update


Adam ventured to the vet’s office the other day with both dogs in tow. He was being quite brave and offered to take both by himself. He was rewarded with great news. Miranda had a lump on her chest that we wanted to get checked out. It turned out to be a benign, fatty tumor. Yay! … Read more

Weekend Recap: July 25, 2016


You would think that with my house (and office, for that matter) being so empty for that past two weeks that I would have jumped on getting back to my blog a whole lot sooner. There’s nothing we can do about it now. Adam left for a two-week inspection trip in miserable summertime Mississippi two … Read more



And now for the icing and the cherry on top. It’s time to recap the wedding that capped off our crazy two week adventure. Matt and Kiki got hitched! Adam was one of the best men in the wedding. (Sappy lovey time: I think he’s the best man!) I flew back to Maryland on Wednesday … Read more

Weekend Recap: June 24, 2016


Ok. It’s not the weekend. But, let’s pick up where we left off. May 31-June 6 I’m flying back to Denver all by myself on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Recently, it really seems that people aren’t holding back their flatulence on planes and I’ve been very appreciative of the scarf I insist on wearing during … Read more

Happy Birthday Miranda!


My little Mirgirl turns nine years old today! It’s still so hard to believe that I rescued her six years ago when she was only three. We’ve had a lot of adventures and our share of obstacles, but she’s such an amazing dog. Since I shared a bit about Kona on her first birthday earlier … Read more