Hello Exercise. Goodbye Humira!


It’s not easy to say why I keep disappearing, coming back, apologizing for disappearing, and then disappearing once again. I can tell you that I’ve been blessed to have been able to take time for myself to run, bike, and walk my dogs without any pain. While writing is an outlet of mine, exercise is … Read more

RA Blog Week: Starting Stories


It’s that time again…time for the second annual RA Blog Week! I’m a few hours late to the game, but better late than never, right?? Starting stories – tell us about your diagnosis, what were you thinking, feeling or when did you first know something was wrong?  Or maybe you were having a break from … Read more

Weekend Recap: August 29, 2016


It seems Adam and I never have just have one busy weekend. We get bursts of activity and followed by periods of relaxation. But that’s okay! I’ve always been a fan of bustling homes. Last weekend, Adam’s parents came to visit. I had to work through part of their visit, but on Saturday we went to … Read more

Weekend Recap: August 8, 2016


Adam and I decided to head off on an impromptu getaway this weekend. It’s already August and we realized that we had yet to go camping this summer.

“Are we going somewhere? Did you pack the treats?”


So, on Friday, we packed up the car and told the dogs to jump in. Then we headed up to Granby, Colorado. Adam had looked for some first-come-first-served sites on-line, but by the campgrounds were full by the time we got there.

With quite a bit of frustrations, we headed up a seven mile dirt road to Meadow Creek Campground in the Arapaho Forest. Lo and behold, not many people wanted to drive up a bumpy, winding road for so long and we ended up getting a wonderful campsite with a view of the Meadow Creek Reservoir that could relax anyone.

A relaxing view.

That’s exactly what we needed after two hours of driving in the slick rain and resulting traffic. We had two dogs who had missed their dinner time and a lot of frustration from driving from one full campground to another.

It wasn’t exactly the most relaxing start to our camping trip.

Our very foggy view.

The dogs were ecstatic to get out of the car and the first thing they did was roll in the mud. Those faithful labs…

We got to the campsite during a break in the rain. We set up the tent and then Adam cooked dinner while I set up the inside of the tent, dog beds and all.

Even though it was cloudy and most of our view was covered in fog, we knew we had found a beautiful site.

It was chilly, but Adam and I bundled up and sat out in the beautiful forest, enjoying a beautiful view. We walked down to the lake and were even able to peek (briefly) at some stars.

Miranda goes to bed at 9:30 PM and it doesn’t matter if we’re at home, if we have company, or if we’re camping. I put her in my tee-shirt (because Mir gets cold easily) and sent her into the tent. She curled up on the air mattress and that’s where she stayed.

Even when Adam and I went to bed, Miranda stayed curled up on the air mattress. Why shouldn’t she live a life of luxury when we go camping? Maybe I spoil her too much.


It was beautiful on Saturday morning. We brewed some coffee and had a delicious pancake breakfast while the sun rose over the mountains. We finally got to see the full glory of our campground.

Our sunny skies quickly turned to grey. But, we put on our rain coats and went for a five mile walk with the dogs. We talked the whole way; something that we’ve not done a lot of lately due to Adam being away so much.

When we got back, it was sunny once more. Adam sat outside with Kona while Mir and I retreated to the tent to nap and read. For some reason or another, reading is so much better when you’re camping.

It was a relaxing day. Kona went swimming. Kona played fetch. Adam and I watched the sun set. We all hid from the rain. We ate delicious hamburgers and homegrown zucchini. We took the dogs exploring more.

All in all, it was a pretty good day of camping.20160807_102615-1024x576


Obviously, Sunday was the brightest and sunniest day. We got up and had another pancake breakfast. (I love pancakes.)

We packed up camp and then took the dogs on another hike before we headed back home. We hiked near the Continental Divide. It was beautiful, green, and lush; something that you don’t always see in arid Colorado.

Those pups slept the whole way home and then some!

Adam and I showered and then went out to eat a late lunch/early dinner. I started the State of Slim diet on Monday, so I needed to gorge myself one more time before I was restricted to carrots and celery for two weeks.

Anyhow, here are some other notable pictures from our camping adventure. Happy Monday!

Curled up in their warm holes they dug that were way too small.
Adam and I!
Morning views
Good dog
Kona tries
Agile Mir
Pretty dog
Love her.
Chatting and waiting out the rain with Mir
Indian Peaks Wilderness

Guileful Gluten, I’ve Got You Now


I typically find being gluten free pretty easy. If I make meals at home, I know my fresh ingredients and homemade sauces are free and clear. It’s the processed foods that I have trouble with. Problem: I find myself taking way too much time in the grocery store. I’m looking at packages, comparing ingredients, and … Read more